Thrifted V-Day Looks

I don’t have ONE romantic bone in my body, so this particular holiday, along with Sweetest Day holds no interest to me, whatsoever.

And don’t get me started on Christmas.



Anyhoo, I was going through my most recent thrifted #OOTD and realized they all featured some shade of pink/red.

So, with this post, I’m hoping to INSPIRE you to check out your local thrift store to find your outfit for Valentine/Galentine’s Day.

Plus, by sharing all these looks in one post, I can take the rest of the week off from blogging.



So, let’s get started.

This first look features a Gap pale pink waffle knit/thermal type of long cardigan that I scored from Goodwill for $3.59.

Best thing about it?


I actually saw someone on YouTube wearing this look and was able to recreate it from head to toe.

For my accessories, I added in this bracelet from the ALLV ($3.00) and…

this really cool pin I scored an estate sale for only 91 cents.

When I spotted the pin, I thought it was something special, because it was a signed piece. Plus, I feel the need to give all these artists a new home.

BUT, I had no idea HOW special it really was until I looked up the artist and discovered that her pins sell for $54.00 AND have 22 karat gold accents!

Pretty cool, huh!!

Thrifted look #2, ALSO features an estate sale find.

This Chico’s jacket was another $5.00 buy.

Apparently, all the ladies here in Sun City shop at Chico’s. Which means I don’t have too, because the employees there are super rude.

Case in point…

the Chico’s store in Downtown Summerlin actually just CLOSED.


But I digress.

I thought this jacket was red, but it turns out it’s kind of a fuchsia color.

What I really liked about it was the tonal embroidery and the unusual buttons.

For my top, I went pretty basic with this $3.71 thrifted Jeanne Pierre white sweater from Savers.

By the way, I LOVE how google photo sends me these fancy edited photos from time to time.

For accessories, I added in this old thrifted necklace along with this new to me thrifted $3.00 bracelet from the ALLV.

For my final look, I went ALL OUT with the Valentine’s Day theme with this $4.99 bomber jacket that is covered in embroidered red roses!

There is not tag anywhere on it, so I have no clue where it’s from but I thought it was pretty cool.

For accessories, I added in this Brighton necklace my MIL recently gave to me from her vast collection of jewelry.

So there you have it.

Three thrifted looks that incorporate all the colors of LOVE. 🤮

But wait!

There’s more!

It was cold again the other day, so I took advantage of it and wore this black thrifted Alfani coat that I THINK was around $14.99.

Because I paired it with this pink sweater from Walmart, I decided to include it in today’s post.

You’re welcome. 😉

So, are there any favorites among all the looks?

Are you inspired to head to the thrift to find the perfect look for YOUR Valentine celebration?

Let me know in the comments.



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22 thoughts

  1. I enjoyed all your outfits but I had two favorites. The bomber jacket and the black coat ensemble.
    The accessory (painted pin) was awesome! I enjoy the fact that you do research on your thrifted shopping.
    I do the same and it always thrills me when I find a piece with the history as your pin.

    Dee xoxo

  2. Look at you go girl!!
    I love that you even research the pieces you get (like that pin) afterwards. And you’ve given it such a good home!!

  3. You are always an inspiration! That Chico’s jacket is a heart stopper!

    And I can’t believe your not a romantic! I find that hard to believe!


    1. Thanks Nancy! I’ve scored SO many Chico’s items through the years, here in Sun City. I’ve got a gorgeous REVERSIBLE 100% silk jacket, waiting to be worn, that I also scored for only $5.00.

      Nope, not one romantic bone in my body… 🤷🏼‍♀️

  4. I am a sucker for anything waffle/thermal and I love the Chicos red jacket! Also that photo google sent you was pretty awesome.

  5. Wow….where to start?!? I know…that gorgeous pin – what a find! It’s so fun to find out you’ve gotten something artsy that will retain its value too. I loved seeing her other pieces, too! Who gets rid of something neat like that?!? I love that shade of pink in the waffle knit and, yes, pockets are really great to have. What a great look to be able to pull together, too! And that Chico’s jacket is beautiful but I think my favorite is that bomber jacket – wow! And I love the black and hot pink look in the last set! What a great photo effect from Google! Oh, and I don’t really feel any more romantic on Valentine’s Day and I’m not a terribly romantic person, either :/


    1. I couldn’t believe no one else had snatched that pin up before I got there! I also can’t believe I have that much red and pink in my wardrobe. I’m glad I’m not the only non-romantic person on the planet.

  6. What wonderful finds you have!
    I absolutely adore the pin. Could so see it on a nice black coat when it becomes a cooler month or on other black tops. It really is a wonderful art one can wear! And shopping pre-owned is so much better for the Earth!

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