I’m not a morning person. 😴

Rarely do I need to dress for cold weather here in Las Vegas because early mornings and after the sun sets are when it’s chilly here.

So imagine my surprise when I headed out at 9AM and was actually cold 🥶 wearing this outfit!

I mean, I have on a turtleneck, a cardigan and leggings, so I should have been warm enough, right?

This $6.00 Lucky Brand oatmeal colored, half sweatshirt, half sweater cardigan (WITH POCKETS!) is another one of those items that has been hanging in my closet FORever.


Actually, I find the color of this to be uninspiring and I really had nothing to go with it, even though the color is pretty neutral.

I paired it with another H&M turtleneck ($7.99) and this really cool $3.00 necklace from the ALLV.

Yes, I know the colors blend into the top, but I’m okay with that. I just really wanted to wear the necklace.

I thought it would eventually warm up, but it didn’t.

SO, after freezing all morning, I came home and bundled myself up for the rest of the day!

Better late than never!


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  1. I feel your pain, girl. Let me just say that I’m glad I brought most of my coats and jackets to AZ!! LOL. But it’s still better than Denver who is right now getting snow.

  2. I really like that cardigan (even in that “uninspired” color….I think a print or darker color would hide the neat textures)! And that turtleneck is beautiful and the necklace is just fabulous! It still stands out on its own, even though it’s up against a print in similar colors. I’m sorry you’re experiencing the cold there. It was 80F here on Sunday and for the last 2 days it hasn’t made it past about 45F. Ugh! No wonder everybody’s sick. But you look really cute in that knit hat and the gorgeous, sunny scarf!


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