Today I’m styling up a sweater that didn’t make the cut when I asked for your opinion on what I should wear for Thanksgiving.

This Chico’s open front cardigan ($5.91) turned out to be super cozy.

The base layer is all from Walmart and super comfortable too.

Do you remember this purse? A couple of years ago, my sister took my mom’s old rabbit fur coat and had it turned into this purse and a scarf for me.

I can’t believe my mom has been gone for over 20 years. This is such a nice reminder of her.

I also added in another one of my 13 🙄 purchases from Poshmark…

This vintage necklace cost me a pretty penny ($65!!) but I LOVE IT!!

I never got around to wearing it during the holidays, but I think it went pretty nice with this look.

🤔 Apparently I was feeling pretty sassy that day.

Probably because my son was taking the picture.

On a totally unrelated note…

Mitch had a friend in town and I asked him to shoot a video talking about the new $5.00 Quick Lunch menu at Diles Market and Cafe.

In case you didn’t know, it’s my sister’s business and I am the social media manager/content creator.

I thought I would share the video, because I’m proud of myself that I was able to figure out how to edit it (although somewhat poorly).

If you listen closely, I even added in not one, but TWO sound effects!


If you have a Facebook account, feel free to ‘LIKE’ her page. We will be getting together at the end of March and filming some videos together.

Hope you like this one! Let me know.


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  1. Nice squeak!! Very impressive Darlene. I think you need to come work on my videos now!!
    BTW, I’m all about cozy lately…who thought that AZ would be coldish??

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