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In case you haven’t heard, I’m selling my clothes on Poshmark.

You can find me on the APP at style4lessvegas.

My husband is VERY happy about it.

Of course, I want to be supportive to the other people on the app, so I’ve made a couple of purchases (or 13) 🙄 and thought I would share a couple of them today.

Las Vegas has the perfect climate to wear vests pretty much all winter long. I recently bought three and I’m styling up two of them.

I haven’t gotten around to wearing the third one yet.


Raise your hand if you love YELLOW!

I’m trying to add more color to my wardrobe so I went ALL in with this $20 New York and Co. yellow vest.

I love all the little details it has going on.

I decided to style it up like a bumblebee and I think I was quite successful! 😉

I also decided to throw on a beanie.

This SCOOP beanie from Walmart is part of a two pack (the other one is lime green) and was only $7.00 for the pair.

It’s super soft and comfy just like the vest. 😃

The second vest I bought off Poshmark was this Jones New York animal print one, that I got for only $12.00!!

Isn’t it fun?!!

I wanted a more ‘elevated’ look to go thrifting and this was perfect!

So, have you bought anything on Poshmark yet?

Be careful though, it’s addicting!!


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  1. I found a pair of booties at DSW that even with all of my coupon magic were over $50 and out of my budget. Couldn’t find them on EBay but looked on Poshmark and scored them new in the box for $25 plus free shipping that day!

  2. Vests are the best for around here too!! You’re going to laugh because I have a yellow polka dot vest almost just like yours. You’ll see it Friday on the blog. We should totally wear them to be twinsies!!!
    And did I miss something? I thought you didn’t like yellow?? Could things be changing?? LOL

  3. I love the bumblebee look – that yellow looks great on you! Both vests are big scores and I can’t wait to see the third. LOL – so much for making room in your closet. I’ve bought things on secondhand sites but I don’t think I’ve bought anything from Poshmark. I’m thinking about listing some of my closet (maybe the right half of the top rack). I just need to not spend time looking around there…..


  4. What fun vests! I love the bright yellow one 🙂 I’m the same, if I list things on eBay I always end up browsing other auctions and seeing something I love and have to have, ha! I do the same when I walk into the consignment store to sell my handbags!

    Hope that you have a nice weekend ahead of you 🙂

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