Amazon Fashion Finds

I’m easily influenced… 🙄

when it comes to fashion. 👍🏻😃

So today I thought I would share with you some Amazon fashion pieces that I bought based on other influencer recommendations and give you MY opinion.

First up, this BOBIBI oversized ONE SIZE sweater.

BOBIBI oversized sweater from Amazon

THIS SWEATER, ya’ll is amazing!!

It’s the single most softest sweater I have ever owned and is TOTALLY worth the just under $30 price tag.

I decided to pair it up with leggings, combat boots and this thrifted Shape FX coat ($9.99) that you have seen before, a long time ago on the blog.

Remember the fabulous liner it has?!

I actually wore this to a Holiday party, hence the ‘green’. I added this crystal stud bracelet (garage sale find for $2) to add some bling to the look.

Now, my ONLY issue with the sweater, was trying to get the collar to ‘fall’ right which, low and behold, after not looking the way I wanted it too all day long, finally happened right before the party.

I love this sweater SO much, that I bought it in red and then because I couldn’t help myself, bought in black also.

As far as washing it? I haven’t yet, so I don’t know how it’s going to hold up. The quality is there, so I don’t think it’s going to be a problem.

Next up, is an Amazon fashion find that I DON’T like.

This EASY TIGER sweatshirt is not for me.

The quality is just okay. It’s supposed to be a sweatshirt, but it’s on the thin side, which is great for the Vegas weather, but still.

Also, it IS soft, so there’s that.

But what really bothers me is the color. Believe it or not, it’s just a really weird shade of white. If I had to do it over again, I would order it in the burgundy color instead.

I also like to wear a thrifted item in my #OOTD so I threw on this $1.50 green acrylic (made in Japan) scarf that I’ve had laying around since 2018 and had never worn.🙄

This shirt is losing it’s place in my closet to make room for something I’ll wear again.

Of course, there’s no room for ANYTHING in my closet right now.



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  1. And you would think that white is white. So interesting. And funny how you bought two other colors in that sweater you loved it so much..haha. No wonder your closet is full (like I can talk). I just expanded into more of Rob’s closet this weekend…LOL (shhhh…don’t tell him)

  2. I love the turtleneck! Anything soft is a big plus, but I do have to mention that I bought the softest sweater at WalMart, washed it and it pilled pretty badly. I maybe should have washed it inside out. Right now I’m trying to de-pill it with a de-piller I bought just for it. It’s not a very exciting project, so I do it in fits and starts and meanwhile just wear the sweater around the house. I like the sweatshirt but if it doesn’t make you feel good, it’s gotta go. It’s weird that the white was something you noticed enough to not like it. I think I’d want mine to be a pretty white white. I like the pop of color with the green scarf. I have one of those not-worn scarves that I really need to do something with before the cold ends for good for the year. Don’t get me started on having an over-packed closet. When I buy something I keep forgetting the rule that I need to get rid of something :/


    1. Thanks Ruth!
      You know how I love Walmart. Unfortunately, some of the items are only good until you wash them.
      I’ve started listing on Poshmark again, so hopefully things sell quickly. I’m to the point of being overwhelmed with the amount of clothes I have…

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