Optical Illusion

When an optical illusion goes bad. πŸ™„

This H&M turtleneck (that looks like that Galaga video game) turned out to be SUPER unflattering.

And since it’s 2020, I’m not going to focus on the negative aspect of this outfit.


But instead, let’s talk about this FAB vintage jacket I scored for only $4.00 at the thrift!

The brand is Leroy and it was made in Japan.

The jacket has a belt, which I tied in the back.

The quality of this piece is pretty amazing, I must say.

I look forward to styling it again.

Any suggestions?


Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. Suggestions?? I’d say try it over a dress!! Super cute
    PS.. great example of things you don’t realize about a piece until you try it on and take a photo of itπŸ˜†

  2. The jacket is perfect on you! If I overthink an outfit I pull together — I always lose.
    Simple black and white is so classic… and your retro sweater/jacket is perfectly suited for this look.
    You went one step further and added the B/W top that has a pattern. Opps!
    I so admire you for your fashion sense and style. So keep on being courageous in what you love to do!!

    Dee XOXO

  3. You can always wear the T-neck under something so just the top part shows if you still want to wear it. It’s a cool pattern. Awesome jacket too!

  4. Why in the world would the manufacturer not check out a pattern before selling it?!? It’s such a neat idea for a turtleneck that I’d probably have picked it up myself. But then there’s that area that just makes the middle look poofy :/ I love that jacket, though – what a find and what a steal! I’d go with flare pants (jeans would be fine) and a plain black turtleneck and boots under the jeans. Or a crew-neck or vee-neck shirt and tie a scarf around my neck. It reminds me a little of a leisure suit jacket from the early to mid-70s and I’m pretty sure I’d actually want to get some of the old pictures of Kate Jackson out from the Charlie’s Angels days and style it exactly the way she wore similar jackets.


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