All the Cozy Vibes

On a recent shopping/lunch day with a girlfriend, I was feeling ALL the cozy vibes in this pink tunic sweater!

I remember how soft and cozy it felt when I tried it on at Savers and it did NOT disappoint when I wore it out and about.

The brand is French Connection which is pretty expensive, but I think you can get it on the cheap at places like Nordstrom Rack.

But not for the $3.28 I paid for it.

Speaking of Nordstrom Rack, that’s where my suede boots are from.

To add more interest to the look, I added in this suede necklace that was a Goodwill score for $4.79.

Isn’t is cool?!

Did you notice I’m carrying that $3.19 leopard artisan bag again from the Salvation Army?

Because there was a ‘chill’ in the air (BARELY) I rushed to my closet and grabbed this coat.

I LOVE it, but I paid $49.99 for it at Nordstrom Rack and at that price and the fact that it doesn’t get very cold here, it will take YEARS to get my money’s worth out of it.

But it’s cute.



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  1. Looooovvvvee this look, Darlene! I seriously need some pink in my wardrobe! That sweater is gorgeous and it looks soft. And the accessories are perfect! I love that you’ve gone with browns – they just work so well with the pink. That necklace is wonderful and that bag was such a score! Now that coat……I think you got your $49 worth out of it in just this one look – it’s beautiful! I seriously need to go thrifting this weekend. My husband thanks you for this excellent inspiration 😛


    1. Thanks Ruth! My first thought was to go with gray but the brown looked so much better. I’ll be hitting the thrift store Sunday/Monday for Savers big MLK 50% off holiday sale. Hope you find lots of treasures when you go. Tell your husband he’s welcome. 😉

  2. I love everything about this look! The necklace is really cool. I am going to try to find a coat like that. Love the suede boots too.

  3. Love, love, love it all girl. Especially that necklace. I know what you mean about that coat now. However, obviously you don’t go out in the mornings. Or else it’s totally different there. Because it’s darn right chilly in the mornings here lately. Meaning I’ve been wearing a coat all the time (sure it comes off about 11 or so, but still)

    1. Thanks! You’re right, I never go out in the morning, except today I did. I nearly froze to death! #nocoat
      FYI: I kept trying to comment on your post today and kept getting an error message. I LOVE those last three stylings of that denim shirt!

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