Vintage Beanie

I’ve kind of been digging the whole beanie style lately, as seen in this post.

Then I realized, that beanies have been around for awhile.

I mean, I kind of consider THIS hat a beanie.

I scored this hat at an estate sale here in Sun City for $1.00 a couple of years ago and wear it when I walk Miss Oreo.

On this particular day, I went to see my MIL, so I decided to style up this cream sweater that she picked out for me during my birthday shopping trip.

This sweater it totally HER style, so to make it more MY style, I added in a bunch of items from the thrift!

I decided to pair it with this $2.00 Gap black vest (with a HOOD!)

along with this $2.49 plaid scarf.

To make it more interesting, I did some print mixing with this polka dot turtleneck from H&M.

The look was just cute enough to please my fashionista MIL, but also perfect to walk the dog in when I got back home.

At least, I THINK she liked it.

She really didn’t say.



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  1. That’s a cute beanie- it looks like it doesn’t have the hat head factor. I also like the bit of polka dots. Looks great on you! I love to wear outfits like that too.

  2. I have a black knit hat that is kind of beret-like. I still have to figure out how to wear it. But the more beanie-like ones I love to wear (well, as much as I can enjoy anything when it gets cold enough to wear them). This is a great outfit but I couldn’t tell how that sweater might be your MIL’s style and not yours. Maybe because it’s plain except for the texture? I love that you added a polka dot turtleneck and then the coordinating scarf (great print-mixing). Anyway, I don’t know how your MIL couldn’t approve of your look (or did you mean Oreo? I have a Miss Oreo, too). So I went to the thrift store today. I really need to find a bigger thrift store but I still did find something. It’s a mini dress that I’ll be wearing this summer over white pants so I’m excited about that. And I picked up four books. Everything came to $10. I think it was a good start. Then, inspired by that, I headed to WalMart to take care of my grocery shopping and found some pretty, soft, long, light pink sweaters on clearance. I think they’re on clearance because the side seams are sewn inside out (on all of them, so maybe it was supposed to be a thing). I can fix that 🙂 I’m ready to go big thrifting now…..


    1. Thanks Ruth!
      The style (texture) of the sweater is my MIL’s style. She has many sweaters just like this one. I wish she had a closet full of vintage clothing, but she has always been a trendsetter, so everything she has is new. Well, except for shoes, bags and scarves. They are amazing!
      Sounds like I need to make a trip to Walmart to check out their clearance section.
      Glad you made it to the thrift store. Can’t wait to see you style up that mini dress!

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