All the Tones

Not usually a fan of the color brown, I surprised myself with this recent purchase.

What sold me on it?

Several things.

First, the fact that the brown was woven with orange (my FAVE color) and it went PERFECTLY with this Verve mock neck that I scored for just $3.31.

Second, the unusual buttons.

They feel very Fred Flintstone to me.

Lastly, the fact that this was made in Germany.

The brand is Fashion by Peter Luft.

Trust me when I say, this brand retails for more than the $3.66 I paid for it.

It was actually cold and rainy this day, so it was a no brainer to add this $3.38 thrifted scarf to tie all the tones together.

I also added this artisan made leopard bag into the mix. I’ve been holding onto this $3.19 find for about a year now. 🙄

It’s even signed inside by the artist.

In fact, the boutique tag was still on it when I bought it.

I kind of felt bad for the artist, that this ended up at the Salvation Army. It’s a really beautiful, well made bag.

I really liked the autumnal vibes of this look.

I also liked the fact that each thrifted piece I’m wearing is UNDER $4.00!

#MicDrop 🎤


Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. What an amazing sweater Darlene. I know what you mean about the artist but at least you know her name now? That’s some marketing in a way. Better than ending up in a landfill!!

  2. You look great in brown. Thats a cool sweater, perfect with the scarf. The bag is awesome too! Ha ha Flintstones. Willllllmaaa!!!

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