Going Nowhere

Do any of you out there own a pair of combat boots? I’ve been looking at them for the past couple of years and finally bit the $25.00 ‘bullet’ on a pair at Marshall’s.

That was a couple of months ago.

I finally got around to wearing them.

My hesitation has always been “Am I too old to wear them?”

Update : I’ve worn them THREE times already and they are my new favorite shoe!

It was THIS first styling of them that helped me decide that I WASN’T too old.

I don’t know about you, but I really like everything about this look.

Let me break it down for you.

Up first is this $2.99 (Ohio SA) SASSON plaid jacket (Made in Hong Kong) that I bought at the same time as the vintage jacket that I styled unsuccessfully. 🙄

I paired it with one of my new fave long sleeve turtlenecks from Walmart.

I then added another layer to it with this recent score, a NWT (Target $19.99) teal faux fur scarf, that I got at Savers for only $2.89!

In case you didn’t know, faux fur is my latest obsession.

Something that is totally unnecessary here in Vegas. 🥵

My fashionista MIL is slowly passing down to me some of her clothing and accessories…

the latest being this purse.

I thought it went perfect with this look.

So, after all the effort to put this look together and finally wear these combat boots, where did I go???



*Due to circumstances beyond my control.

Have you ever gotten yourself all fixed up to go somewhere and ended up staying home?


Good thing I hadn’t bothered washing my hair.



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12 thoughts

  1. That is frustrating…then again, at least you got some photos from it. That makes it all worth it.
    And I just ADORE (yes, I’m yelling) everything about this outfit. The shoes add that sass I’ve been talking about. And you’ve reminded me I should pull out my faux fur…it’s been chilly here.

    1. Thanks Jodie! 😘
      Yes, as a blogger, it’s really all about getting the photos, so I wasn’t that mad.
      I just picked up two more faux fur pieces at the thrift during my last haul of 2019.

  2. Awesome outfit. I have a pair of combat boots and I love them. The ones I have remind me of my dad’s old lineman boots.
    Funny you should be all dressed up with no where to go-I was having the exact conversation yesterday with a friend. I have currently stopped shopping because where am I going to wear that new sweater…in the kitchen? lol

    1. Thanks Dawn!
      At least you make it to the kitchen. I don’t get past the couch! 🤪
      I’m REALLY making an effort this year, to wear all the clothes, I have.
      It’s exhausting!!

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