NYE : Day to Night

I am not the type of person who likes to go out at night…EVER.

New Years Eve was no exception. I was back home and ready for bed by 6:30PM.

I’m ALSO not the type of person who likes to change outfits to go to dinner. One #OOTD is enough for me.

Unless you count coming home and changing into comfy clothes.

#Guilty 🤪

BUT on NYE, I made an exception.


To start the day off, I wore this LILAC clothing dress that I scored at the ALLV for $8.00.

I really like the pattern and the fact that it has ruching along both sides of it.

I paired it with this Levi’s denim jacket, that you’ve seen a lot of on my blog, from Thrift Town in Albuquerque.

What I didn’t realize about the dress, until I got home and looked up the brand was that IT’S A MATERNITY DRESS!!!!


Hence, all the ruching…to allow for the baby to grow…

or in this case, my FOOD baby! 🤪

I don’t know about you, but back in MY pregnancy days, we wore unflattering, flowy tops, not super cute clingy dresses like this one.

I ALMOST decided not to wear the dress, but with a jacket over it, it’s really quite cute on.

At least, I think so.

Well, so does my husband.


We went out to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) and since it was NYE I decided to have a drink.

OMG, I ordered ‘The Beehive’ and it was SO GOOD! If you are a lover of sweet drinks, that don’t taste like alcohol but pack a punch, this drink is for YOU!

After I got my wits about me, we headed home so I could walk Miss Oreo. My goal in 2020 is to walk her every day.


It’s been forever since she has made an appearance on my blog, so even though my eyes are closed in these shots, Miss Oreo is actually looking at the camera, so I’m sharing the photos.

She’s so pretty! 😍

For those of you new here, Miss Oreo is a Louisiana Catahoula, a breed of hound dog. We rescued her back in 2010 and our best guess is that she is 14 years old now. She has a lot of life in her but suffers from chronic back pain along with a severe case of separation anxiety. It wasn’t until 2015 and a destroyed couch and blinds later, that a vet suggested we put her on medication. It has made a WORLD of difference.

If your dog suffers too, ask your vet about CLOMICALM (an anti-depressant) and FLUOXETINE (for anxiety). To save money we buy CLOMICALM online from ALLIVET and the FLUOXETINE we get from Walgreens’s (with their prescription program) because this is a drug for humans…PROZAC.

Okay, back to my outfit.

How cute is this beanie I’m wearing?!

This is part of my final thrift haul of 2019. It was only $1.99.

Guess what!

This hat is STILL on the HUNTER website selling for…


You know what I think? I think this beanie belonged to someone shopping and they lost it and the store employees found it and put a price tag on it. Or, someone got it for Christmas and didn’t like it, so they donated it.

Either way, I was happy to score it.

As far as the rest of NYE goes, we decided to go to one of the local casinos to try our luck one last time in 2019.

There was a band playing some really good music (and it was only 5PM) 🤣 and all the ladies were wearing black and gold and sequins and glitz and…you get the drift.

What did I wear to the casino?

Beanie and all!!


I was SUPER comfortable AND I left the casino a WINNER!

What did YOU wear for NYE?


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10 thoughts

  1. I always have the most fun when I’m comfortable and spontaneous. The second outfit is pretty much me every day. Miss Oreo is the best!

  2. Since I have had the pleasure to meet Miss Oreo in person, I agree with you as to her disposition and housemate attributes. I commend you on your walking program! I’m ready for the indoor pool at Desert Vista tomorrow. I like your second outfit as you would have stood out among all those glittery outfits!! It looked so warm & comfy!

    Dee xoxo

  3. I laughed because on our cruise I changed two times every day. You would hate it. Not that you have to, but I like the idea. It gives the opportunity to wear more of my things…ha ha.
    And Oreo is so wonderful!! I think my Spookie kitty may have that separation anxiety. I get snubbed the first couple of hours when we get home from a trip like we just took. Although the Rescue Remedy does help somewhat.
    Love the beanie. It’s been cold this winter where we live, eh?

    1. Yeah, cruise life is not for me. Although I do have so many clothes that I could probably wear two different outfits a day for a whole year and not repeat a look. 🙄
      Miss Oreo says ‘Thank you’ 🐶🐶

  4. Comfy is my motto for around the house and walking in the neighborhood and shopping!

    And I did go out NYE to a friend’s house who had a wonderful party! I wore something sparkly… but the following day… I had a Jammie Day!

    Both outfits are darling… keep walking it’s great for us. I Zumba twice a week and walk two- sometimes three times a week. I just feel better if I do. (mentally)

    Here’s to 2020!

    1. My latest looks for around the house are men’s sweats from Walmart. But can you believe, they don’t have pockets?!
      I tried Zumba once and it almost killed me. 🥵
      Walking is definitely good for my physical and mental health. 👍🏻😃

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