Verse Paisley Jacket

Okay, someone near me must have just gotten back from Amsterdam because this is the second item I have found from that country. The first was this t-shirt.

The second is this Verse paisley jacket.

The material is a soft, brushed corduroy.

I LOVE the color and the paisley pattern. What I’m not that crazy about is the 1970’s pointy collar.

But at only $4.54, I couldn’t say no.

To incorporate some print mixing, my new favorite jam, I added this $1.49 crochet scarf that you’ve seen in a previous post.

In case you can’t tell, I’m REALLY into turtlenecks at the moment.

The style of this $3.99 Michael Kors olive green one, is more of a long top. The belt was missing from it and I totally forgot to cut off the belt loops. 🙄

It’s super soft and cozy. This color brings out the green in my Hazel eyes but you can’t tell with my thick glasses on. 🤓

My necklace party consists of some inexpensive ones from Target and that thicker vintage Monet necklace that I scored from the ALLV for $3.00.

I definitely plan on keeping this jacket for awhile…

If I can find room in my closet.



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  1. It’s not fair that our closets can’t expand like our tummies!!
    Love the colors in this jacket!.

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