Homemade Vintage Jacket

So, this homemade vintage jacket has been hanging in my closet for like, a year now.

I bought it at the Salvation Army in Ohio for $2.49.

I thought it was pretty cool.

I THOUGHT I could style it.

My MIL let me know that I wasn’t that successful.


To incorporate some print mixing, I paired it with this blouse.

Because I didn’t really like the collar of the jacket, when I wore it, I used fashion tape to fold it over and hold it closed.

It turned out like this.

I mean, it’s not THAT bad, is it???


At the end of our visit, as we were walking to the car, my MIL says to me “Why is the collar like that?” and proceeded to make me open it up.

I have to admit, I don’t hate it that way.

Which way do YOU like it better?


Author: style4lessvegas

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8 thoughts

  1. Like the pattern, style yuck
    Would wear it in the spring one more time and leave open with a tee under
    Then bye bye to Savers

  2. Have you thought about leaving it open with another color maybe solid underneath and a long necklace? I wonder how it would look over black shirt, jeans and booties? Or even brown or rust colored shirt. A bright color would be fun like Jodie suggested.

    1. I literally JUST wore a rust colored mockneck today (blog post coming soon). You, also, have given me some great suggestions, Dawn. Looks like I’m going to give this jacket another chance. 😃👍🏻 Thanks!

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