Purple and Green

This Chico’s open front cardigan combines two of my least favorite colors…

purple and green

so I bought it! 🤪

It went perfectly with this NWT $42 Chico’s purple turtleneck that I scored a loooong time ago for $5.00 at the Assistance League of Las Vegas. (ALLV)

Surprise, it’s sleeveless.

Double surprise… my glasses! 🤓

What’s no surprise?

My lack of muscles. 💪🏻 🤪

Anyhoo, I digress.

I paired it with this $4.00 vintage necklace that I also bought at the ALLV.

I buy a lot of jewelry from there. They have quite a good selection.

You can actually wear this cardigan two different ways.

Open :

Closed :

Closed is not flattering on me AT ALL but I just wanted to show you the versatility of it.

I mean, it DID cost me $4.10 so I want to get my money’s worth.



Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. You always present yourself so well. Your use of accessories are spot-on! I never view you and think to myself that you look “overdone” and could have taken off one piece of jewelry. The open front cardigan is especially fun with the two ways to wear it. You are a wise ‘fashionista’ who knows to keep CLASSICS in your wardrobe — hence the sleeveless turtleneck!

    Dee xoxo

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