Paper Jacket

No, this jacket isn’t made out of paper, but it sure feels like it!

I LOVE the top stitching detail on it and the fact that it has pockets. 👍🏻

Even my husband thought the jacket was cool.

Speaking of my husband, I decided to snatch this thrifted tee shirt from him that he normally wears to sleep in.

It only fits me because I knotted it in the back. #stylingtrick

This HANA brand jacket might be the least expensive item of clothing I’ve scored in all of 2019.

Any guesses ???

If you guessed $1.63, then you would be right and I would be super impressed with your guessing skills!

Side note : I’m posting four, yes, FOUR times this week to wrap up all of my 2019 LEWKS.


Be on the lookout. 🤪


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

6 thoughts

  1. This post has to be one of your finest examples of style on a budget!
    Plus, you came up with a truly clever way to use a piece of clothing of your husband’s.
    I would give this post a 10!!!

    Dee xoxo

  2. That’s so smart to tie the top in the back and hide it. I always do it in the front. #greattip
    Love the jacket and the price is stellar.

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