Vintage Bomber Jacket

You know how when you go thrifting with a friend, they somehow have a way of talking you into things?

That’s what happened with this recent purchase and I’m not mad about it.

This Teddi vintage bomber jacket does NOT have my name written all over it, but I’m kind of really digging it! Originally, it was pretty pricey ($9.99) but after a discount and coupon, I scored it for only $4.08.

After deciding I was going to get it, I went on the hunt to see if there was a matching bottom.

There wasn’t.

But I DID come across these SUPER distressed pair of Flying Monkey jeans for $5.80.

Good thing it was relatively warm out, because those holes are HUGE!

I really like how vibrant the colors of the jacket are. I also like it paired with the striped shirt.

I definitely will wear this again.

Would love to hear how you would style it.

If I have the items you suggest, I’ll give it a go with what you ‘pick out’ for me!


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  1. Thats a great jacket, I love the colors on you. I think it will go with a lot of things because of all the colors. Wonder what it would look like with olive pants ( if that green is olive) or dark wash jeans? Maybe a pop of something red to go with it.

  2. Ooohhhh! What a great jacket! I have a friend who talks me into things when we go shopping too (though I haven’t ever gone thrifting with her….I think I’ll suggest it). You’ve styled it perfectly for a casual look. Not knowing what the fabric feels like, I’ll put in my 2c here for a dressier look. How about some black skinnies and then a satin or velvet cami in one of the colors (not black) in the jacket and then coordinating ankle boots (like sapphire blue both)? I love this look on you and the big holes only look huge to you – they look great on you!


    1. Great styling suggestions! The material has a silky feel to it. I’m lacking in the sapphire blue department so…
      I do love the thought of it paired with the black skinnies. I’ll see what I can do .
      Thanks Ruth!

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