I Made An Effort

The other day, to go to the grocery store, I made an effort to dress up.

Apparently it paid off, because my son said I actually looked good.


I scored this 1901 (a Nordstrom house brand) jacket when I was thrifting in Albuquerque back in August.

I scored it for $3.74.

I paired it with this polka dot CeCe blouse I bought on Poshmark.

It was NWT and I paid $20 for it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have any stretch to it and it’s tight across the shoulders.

I DO however, like how it looks with the plaid pattern of the jacket.

I’m really trying to incorporate more prints into my wardrobe so I can do more print mixing outfits, like this one.

I’m a HUGE fan of Beth Jones of BJones Style and am inspired by her tag line…


Now I just need to find some patterned pants.

Looks like I need to hit up the thrift!



Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. Good mix of prints!! To the grocery store! I would have expected nothing less from you.

    Love my #fashionistawiththemosta!!

    Dee xoxo

  2. You look fabulous Darlene!! And you’ve been print mixing like a pro lately. I need to work on it more,

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