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One of my favorite bloggers to follow is Cassie from ‘Hi Sugarplum’. She has great style and wears items that are totally in my wheel house.

When I came across this image, I knew I had everything in my closet to recreate this look.

Here is my version.

Pretty spot on, huh!

This white top is the brand ‘Made by Johnny’ and is my first fashion purchase from Amazon. At $16.25, it’s pricier than the thrift, but the quality is there, so I think it’s worth the price. I meant to take a picture of it without the jacket on, but I totally forgot.

I also forgot to put down my bottle of water… lol

I don’t have pierced ears, so I added in the pop of pink through this scarf I scored at an estate sale. It still had the Stein Mart tag on it. I’m sure I paid less than $1 for it.

My thrifted item is this Levi’s denim jacket that I scored years ago for under $10. I’m actually on the hunt for another one. I want one that is a lighter wash and oversized.

I haven’t went thrifting since my birthday . I’m trying to be more thoughtful in my purchases, so I’ve actually made a list and I’m going to try my best to stick to it.

We shall see…



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  1. Oh awesome job on re-creating this look, Darlene! I love the choice of a scarf as a substitute for the earrings (and love that it still had the tag on it). And you got a jeans jacket for $10?!? Why are they so expensive? You might have a look at Old Navy. They always have jeans jackets and great prices. I’ll bet those are hard to find in a thrift store, though. I’ve had great success with clothes on Amazon. My tip is to always check out the reviewers’ photo gallery and look at the pictures (and read the words for sizing help). This is a really great look on you and the water bottle is a prop since it’s so hard to figure out what to do with the hands when doing photos 😛


    1. Thanks Ruth! I actually just scored a Chico’s Platinum white denim jacket at Savers today for only $5.91. I think the one I wore in the photo was pricey because it was brand new at the thrift and it was Levi’s.
      Yes, I always look at customer photos on Amazon. It’s better at showing the quality or lack thereof.
      I never know what to do with my hands in photos… 🤪

  2. I agree, great job! I’ve never bought clothing from Amazon. I might give it a try now. I had no idea you didn’t have pierced ears. I mean why would I, right?! I have so many pairs of earrings and I just don’t wear them. But does that stop me from buying them? Noooooo!

  3. Dang…this is spot on. You don’t have your ears pierced?? Wowza. One of my Denver friends hates that people have things hanging from their ears. And me?? I think it’s more ways to add bling and fun!!
    BTW..I have a list. But sometimes my best purchases are the impulse buys!! Just sayin,

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