The Winning Look

Thanks to all of you, this is what I wore for Thanksgiving!

THIS look was a close second.

I must say, you all made the right choice. I was comfy and cozy AND I liked the way it looked WITHOUT the jacket on.

The thrifted part of this look is this INC (Macy’s) shirt that I scored at Savers for only $3.89. The necklace and bracelet are an old Goodwill score. The faux fur scarf is an old estate sale find.

This shirt actually had a lot of interesting details that don’t really show up in the photo. If you notice, it only has one front pocket and the first two buttons down the placket don’t have corresponding button holes.

Also down the front placket was this…

Excuse the way the photo looks. I swear it didn’t look like this IRL.

I actually had to thread the material through the hole and THEN button it.

With all that being said, the MOST interesting feature, which I didn’t discover until halfway through the day, is that the shirt had POCKETS!

So I guess you could say it’s a shacket!

My MIL really liked my sweater and she should, because she picked it out for me!

For my birthday, I took her to TJMaxx and had her style me.

We had so much fun!

What I really liked about this sweater, besides the pockets, is this…

A HOOD! Which was perfect because it literally rained from noon until 7PM.

Thanks so much for taking the time to vote. It really meant a lot to me and it made getting dressed SO much easier!

I need to have you guys pick out my #OOTD more often.

You did GOOD! 👍ðŸŧ😃


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  1. I love this one which shocked me since I’m usually a color girl. It goes to shop that I can love variety and black!!

  2. That was the perfect one, Darlene – you look so cute in it. Too bad the weather was yukky for so much of the day (it wasn’t pretty here, either). But it’s great that the shacket you wore had a hoodie and it’s a real bonus that your MIL picked it out for you. If you’d mentioned that in your original post, we’d have all picked that one 😛 I think we love picking out things for other people to wear….it’s just so hard to do it for ourselves sometimes. That’s why it’s great to have such a supportive network out there!


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