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With Thanksgiving happening tomorrow and the forecast is 45 degrees and rain, I put together some looks that I want your opinion on.

Each look features the same shoe, Naturalizer (brand) rain boots from TJ Maxx.

I want to be comfortable, so all the looks feature leggings AKA stretchy pants.

We have not one, but TWO Thanksgiving meals that day. The first one at noon with my stylish MIL and the second at 4pm at my friends house with like, 20 other people.

I always like to represent my thrift style in everything I wear, so at least one item in each look is from the thrift.

I won’t go into the details of each look right now. but eventually they will all be featured on the blog and then I’ll break each look down.

For now, I’ll tell you which item in the look is from the thrift.

Besides telling me which look you think I should wear, I’m curious to know the reason why you picked it.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!


Thrifted blazer and necklace.


Thrifted tank, necklace, bracelet and sweater.


Thrifted turtleneck and necklace.


Thrifted blouse.


Thrifted necklace.

Comment down below your pick of what I should wear and why.


Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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  1. You did a terrific job and each outfit is lovely. Number 3 and 5 seem the most fitting for Thanksgiving. If I could only pick one–5 because it looks the most comfortable. Happy Thanksgiving : D

  2. I love look 2 and look 4. I loved look 3 but I do not like the shoes with it. 2 and 4 look well coordinated, and the shoes look like part of the outfit.

  3. I also like number two and number four. Although I didn’t even notice how well the shoes went with these two! Number two looks calming to me with all the neutrals and they are beautiful together. Number four has that all black top and bottom that I would find concealing for after a big Thanksgiving meal. 😊 You will look fabulous in any of them.

  4. I like outfit number 2. It is very pretty but I also like that if it’s warm with 20+ people in a house, you can take off the sweater and the shoes and top will still be a classic style.

  5. My favorite is look #2- it looks chic and understated. Looks #3 and 5 have the autumn colors that are a good fit for Thanksgiving, so either would work, and both look like you can take off the outer layer if you get hot.

  6. I love look #3 the most. It’s kind of Boho and the colors say Thanksgiving and I think it’s one of the two that go best with rain boots. The other that I think goes best with rain boots would be look #4, but I like the style and colorfulness of look 3 (though I do love the jacket in look #4). They’re all great looks – just not sure I’d wear some of them (especially not #2 – it’s so elegant-looking) with the rain boots.


  7. I like #2 and #3. #3 looks festive to me and #2 looks classy. My main concern would be anything hanging or drapey to fall in the gravy and anything light is a food magnet. Go for comfort #4. Happy Thanksgiving!

    1. You sounds like my husband… He drops food on himself all the time! Hahaha
      I don’t seem to have that problem…yet. 😉
      I like your reasoning for those two looks, though.
      Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!

  8. Look #2 (Meal with MIL) Comfortable, with a touch of elegance. I think she would appreciate the understated look. You would look attractive without drawing undue attention to yourself which is something her generation kept in the back of their minds when dressing up.

    Look #3 (Party meal with friends) Comfortable, with the colors reflecting the season. I would choose this look because I like to make an entrance that brings attention (especially at a party). Plus it would give you an opportunity to talk up the thrifted turtleneck and necklace. For sitting down at the meal and wearing the drape it is easy for me to do this as I have learned how to navigate my way around a large meal without draping my throw into a dish of gravy, etc. Ha-Ha

    Now you are probably thinking you would have to change twice… but since it would be only the top and drape, it would not require that much effort in your part.

    Hugs & Best Wishes for a lovely Thanksgiving!!
    Dee xoxo

    1. I like the way you think, Dee!!! Your reasoning for both the occasion and the outfits to wear to each one are spot on. And yes, it wouldn’t take much effort on my part.
      Wishing you and yours the happiest of Thanksgivings!

  9. Although look 1 seems “Thanksgivingee”, I really love look 2. All of the colors look beautiful and coordinating, plus comfy and just dressy enough for the occasion… have a beautiful holiday!

  10. #4 or #5 really grab my attention. I’m surprised I picked #4 because it’s mostly black, but that cardigan is something special.
    #5 is fabulous because of the color…you know me and color.
    Have fun and happy Thanksgiving,

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