Pastel Vibes

So, last week the temps dropped below 50 degrees, so I broke out a blanket scarf!

Pastels are totally not my vibe, but I was drawn to this one when shopping at Ross during ‘old people discount day’.

In case you didn’t know, those of us 55 and older get 10% off every Tuesday. What’s nice is that they always ask me if I’m old enough and then act surprised when I tell them I’m 58.

It’s always a feel good moment for me. 😊

Anyhow, I paid $12 for the scarf and paired it with this Ann Taylor blue sweater that I thrifted at the beginning of the year for $3.59 from Goodwill.

The details of the sweater are all in the back.

Yeah, she tiiiiight.

I’m working on that.

My son told me that I put my shirt on backwards.

He’s so funny.

My husband told me that I looked like a ski bunny.

I totally get that.

I think my rain boots had something to do with it.

Yes, it’s been raining here. I feel like I’m back in Ohio with the gloomy skies above.

But unlike Ohio…

49 degrees in Vegas, with the sun out, is actually warm.

Too warm for a blanket scarf.



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  1. That scarf is seriously the best Darlene!! We’ve had a cold spell too but it’s still warmer than Denver!! So no complaints here!!

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