Built in Accessory

I love it when my clothing comes with it’s own accessory.

Such is the case with this RO&DE shirt I picked up recently for only $2.89.

How cool is it, that the scarf is attached?!

It made for a cute and casual look for a day running errands with the hubby.

Side note: for those of you asking about the socks I wear with my mules/slides?

These are ‘toe cappers’ I bought at the Steve Madden store.

There are several kinds. You need to get the ones made out of a sock material NOT the ones made out of hosiery material.

These stay put all day long. 👍🏻

Hope this helps!


Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. Would you be surprised to know that I’ve made those soft topper things out of a pair of old socks? I just cut off the hill and most of the time they work great!!

  2. My toe covers never stay on. aargh….
    Cute shirt. I was going to try a sweater that had ties on the sleeves but I wonder if they would get in the way. I’m too practical, I guess.

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