The Shacket

Do you know what a ‘shacket’ is?

I think I might have talked about it before in a previous post.

It’s a shirt/jacket and I recently came across one at Savers.

I almost decided against thrifting this Artisan de Luxe shacket .

Then I made a huge discovery…


So of course I had to spend the $3.23 to buy it.

Plus, I really liked the style of it too. Check out the back!

I’m a sucker for any item that does all the pattern mixing for me.

I accessorized the look with this necklace my sister bought me on a trip she took to Europe.

Based on the fact that it’s a bicycle, where do you think she went?


Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. I’m guessing Amsterdam too even before I saw Jamie’s guess. The back of this skacket makes it the best!

  2. Well, I’d have been way off. I was going to say France :/ At any rate that is the neatest necklace! And I love your shacket – that mix of prints and the colors and the style!


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