Changing up my Style

Now that I’m THISCLOSE to turning 60, really, I JUST want to be comfortable.

Yes…cute and stylish too.

So, with that in mind, I purchased some Umbro athleisure clothing from Target.

This brand of clothing is SO soft and comfortable!! (and really good quality)

Because the mornings (and evenings) are still chilly here in Vegas, I decided to pair them with this really cool jacket I scored at Buffalo Exchange when I was in Albuquerque.

The brand is YMI Jeans and was pretty pricey at $14.00. However, I really liked the acid wash and the patches so I bought it.

I really liked these pants so much, that I also bought them in a burgundy color.

Umm…They are like a second skin, so if they shrink, I’m screwed.

Like, I might actually have to start exercising in these WORKOUT clothes.



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  1. I love jean jackets too. Those patches are fun! I recently bought a long jean jacket from Tribal fashion online for something a little different. I need to check out Target. I haven’t been there in awhile. They have cute stuff.

    1. Thanks Dawn! That long jean jacket sounds cool!
      I recently thrifted a denim blazer. Let’s see if I can style it…
      I hadn’t been to Target in awhile either, then I went crazy there. Stay away! Hahaha

  2. I love that jeans jacket (and Buffalo Exchange)! And those athletic leggings are super cute – I’m definitely going to have to look at those next time I’m in Target. LOL! It would be a shame to have to actually jog or something when you’re looking so cute!


  3. This is a fabulous look…My jean jacket collection has grown recently too…there are some super fun ones.

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