What I Wore for my Birthday

Usually, on my birthday, I like to dress up. This year, that just didn’t happen. I was going to wear that leopard print jacket you saw in my last post, with a black dress underneath but I decided I JUST wanted to be comfortable and super casual, so at the last minute I threw on this.

That’s right, I decided to wear my new (too tight) Gap camo pants ($50).

Umm…how is that even comfortable? Yeah, it’s not.

And on top of it, I threw on this old (and obviously too small now) denim shirt from Loft. OMG, I didn’t even iron it before I wore it.

Side note: I bought a new one at Target to replace this one.

I DO love my ‘Gucci’ inspired shoes though, that I got from Aldo, that my dad paid for part of. (I only had to pay $20 toward it.) #SCORE

I can’t believe I didn’t even wear anything thrifted. That’s SO unlike me.

For my birthday lunch, we ended up at this real bougie restaurant here in Vegas called Vintner Grill.

Oh my gosh! I was SO underdressed. It’s definitely a ‘ladies who lunch’ and a ‘power business’ lunch spot.

Did I care? Yeah, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the delicious meal they served me.

Happy Birthday to me!!


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  1. I have heard lots of positive remarks regarding Vintners Grill. Great place to celebrate one’s birthday!!

    Dee xoxo

  2. It’s so funny because I look at your outfit and see nothing wrong with it. The jeans don’t look too tight and chambray doesn’t need ironing…that’s one of the reasons I love it so much!!!
    BTW…one of my tricks for Thanksgiving is to wear tight pants so I don’t overeat!! Works every time.LOL

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