This is What 58 Looks Like

So, last Monday I turned 58!!!

On my next post, I will share what I actually wore ON my birthday, but today’s post is what I wore the day AFTER my birthday ( for a Happy Hour with friends) because, well, this is a way cuter look.

Side note: my friend showed up in a leopard print tunic. #GreatMinds

I am LIVING for this SILK leopard print jacket!!!! I’ve had it hanging in my closet waiting for JUST the right moment to wear it.

Yes, of course it’s thrifted. The brand is Hella Barbara Rank (Santa Barbara) and I only paid $7.49 for it!

It’s got ties at the sleeves and the coolest buttons!

Did I mention that it’s double breasted and could totally be worn as a dress?

Well, not on me because I can’t really button it right now, but hey, I DID get on that elliptical machine again and didn’t die, so there’s that. 😜🤣

Let’s break down the rest of the look.

Also thrifted is that Ralph Lauren Grecian Golden discs necklace. I couldn’t find what it originally sold for, but I did find that it had a matching bracelet, that sold at BLOOMINGDALES! Savers was asking $14.99 but between discounts and coupons I paid only $5.49.

Hmm, looks like I should have cropped this photo. #Lazy

The Theodore California purse was an estate sale find for $1.50. I like how it opens.

The super comfy and soft sweater is another Time and Tru Walmart find. I paid $14.96. I liked it SO much, I bought it in 4 other colors.

The jeans were definitely a spurge. I shopped at Madewell for the first time (the clearance rack) and paid $80 for these. Come to think of it, that’s actually a steal for that brand. The booties came from my go-to store for shoes, Marshall’s! If you haven’t shopped there yet, you are missing out. Like, for real, for real.

I felt cute and confident in this #ootd, which I haven’t felt in a while, so it was nice feeling this way again, especially at age 58.

What do YOU wear to feel confident?


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  1. I’m telling you…you could easily pass for 38 in this outfit. Seriously…you look hot to trot!!
    You need to wear that jacket ALL the time.

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