A Sheer Jacket

Welcome to Fall in Las Vegas, where even a sheer jacket is too hot to wear in late October!

I’ve been holding onto this blush brand sheer jacket, waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it.

Isn’t it cool?! It was $5.00 at the Salvation Army.

I thought it would be perfect to wear to the Vintage Market Days (an outdoor event) this past Saturday. I’ll share my thoughts on that event at the end of the post.

At 74 degrees outside, this sheer jacket turned out to be too hot!.

I styled it up with a pair of $29.99 Levi’s from my recent retail birthday shopping along with this all LEATHER crossbody bag I scored at Goodwill for only $3.59!

I recently started my Poshmark closet, where I have been quite busy selling clothes from my closet.

Of course, I’ve also been buying items from other Poshmark closets. Check out these BRAND NEW Stan Smith Adidas that I got.

I’ve been wanting a pair for a while, so I dished out $50 for them.

Yeah, that’s a lot of money but you know I will spend money on shoes.

So, let me share my thoughts on the Vintage Market Days.

It sucked.

I was there to find unique, handmade, artisan pieces.

Instead, there were vendors there from the local swap meet/flea market here in Vegas and we spent $10 each for admission!

Anyhoo, I walked away with two items.

First, we walked by a booth and the vendor said, we take offers. So, I made her an offer of $20 (she was only asking $23) for this really cool faux fur vest WITH POCKETS!

I really like the taupe color and the curly ‘fur’ of it.

Then, I walked by a booth of really cool hoodies. The owner sells on etsy and her shop is called beloise. She sells repurposed~recycled~clothing.

I bought this for $50.

She was asking $65.

I really like the whole ‘romantic Victorian’ vibe it has going on. I like that tee shirt she sewed onto the back of it too.

Was it pricey? Yes.

Is it unique. Yes

Am I glad I bought it? Yes.

Well, actually my husband bought it for me because tomorrow is our 18th wedding anniversary.

Thanks honey!


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  1. Wow! What a cool sheer jacket! The weather is like that here in Texas, too. I dress in the mornings like I’m going cross-county skiing (because it’s 60F) and by afternoon I’ve shed everything that it’s decently possible to shed. This is NOT my favorite time of year. Plus everything is dying. That’s why leaves change color….death. OK. It’s really a renewal process, but I’m not a cold-weather person AT ALL. And that crossbody is beautiful! I really need to thrift more. New Adidas for $50 is a score even if it is a lot of cash. For my Superstars I pay $80 and don’t blink at that price. I’m sorry your Vintage Days wasn’t what you expected, but you sure ended up with two cool pieces! That curly vest is the best! And how cool is that jacket?!?!


    1. I was totally a fan of Fall growing up in Ohio. Out west, like you said, it’s all about layering and then shedding clothes later in the day.
      I’m really happy with my purchase from the Market, just wish the overall experience would have been better.
      Thanks for stopping by, Ruth!

  2. I think that sheer jacket is perfect for where you live (and me too!!)
    As for the market….You really took away some unique things. That’s the best thing about those!!

  3. Cute clothing items! Now that jacket! Love it🤗. I wonder if Canadians can use Poshmark closets to sell clothing and things?

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