Super Casual Style

In case you hadn’t noticed, my style has become pretty casual.

On this occasion, I went super casual.

How do you like those shoes?!!

I bought these in the boy’s shoe section at Marshall’s. I discovered that a women’s 7 is the same as a boy’s 5.5 and the prices are WAY cheaper! I paid under $35 for these Adidas.

This striped Gap tee still had the price tag on it. I scored it for $3.25. I like the tie detail on the side. Plus, it was super comfy.

The perfect outfit to wear out and about…

to the BUFFET!

Yes, we are still doing that experiment.

I’ll let you know the numbers when the month is over…

but not the numbers on the scale.



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10 thoughts

  1. I will occasionally get the men’s shoe in my applicable size. They’re still a men’s shoe price, though. 😳

  2. Your outfit is a perfect ” Vegas Autumn Look “. The shoes are poppin’ with personality of their own!

    I am truly interested in your buffet dining as an alternative to dining at home. Roger and I eat “out” five out of the seven days in a week. We eat at restaurants and buffets. The two weeks we eat at home consist of take-out from favorite restaurants. Roger is my ‘legman’ for the take-out food so we save the delivery prices.
    I do not like to cook… and it is a rare occasion when I do. So dining out is a priority at our house.
    To each their own as the old saying goes! We are on a limited income and yet we eat very well and healthy because of our choices.

    Dee xoxo

    1. Cooking is for the birds!
      Our food budget was fine… Until our 22 year old son moved in, then it sky rocketed. When we eat out, we have enough leftovers to bring home for him to eat too. Unless we go to the buffet…

  3. I totally need to remember that about boy’s shoes. Heck, I can even fit into some girls shoes because for some reason it’s different.

  4. Super cute outfit! I wish I could fit into boys shoes. What a great idea!
    I bet you can eat out cheap in Vegas. I’m such a germaphobe- I freak out at buffets. Must be all those years of working in a hospital.

  5. Oooohhhh I love those shoes! My feet are way too big to make it into the boys’ section :/ That Gap shirt is darling, too, and at that price it’s definitely a no-brainer. It’s a great look and you’re so smart!


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