I knew it was going to happen.

We were invited to attend a 90th birthday party and originally I had intended to wear a cute boho style leopard print dress from Walmart. Well, when I tried it on again, I realized it wasn’t that flattering. #PotatoSack

Then, I thought about wearing a cute little dress from Goodwill, but it was too summery.

Plus, truth be told, I just really wanted to hide the weight I’ve gained.

So I went with this…

A party on the top and underdressed on the bottom.

The top is, of course, thrifted. The brand is Spense and it set me back $3.39.

I love the 70’s vibe it has going on. Plus, I was able to wear that Chico’s necklace again. I’m trying to get my $15 out of it. #CostPerWear

So, how was everyone dressed at the party?

They had on dresses!!!!!!


I need to trust my instinct next time.


Author: style4lessvegas

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12 thoughts

  1. Spot on!!
    I love the outfit!!
    If we were the same size I would rip it off your body!! Ha-Ha

    Hugs, Dee xoxo

  2. Then again, maybe it’s good not to be dressed like everyone else. You certainly were colorful which I think is a HUGE plus!!

  3. That top is extraordinarily stylish! It screams Versace, even if it’s not!! Trust me, you were walking the runway at that party👠

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