Happy Friday!

To help BRIGHTEN your day, I thought I’d share with you an outfit I wore that features this ‘Lunar Glow’ neon $5.96 top from Walmart.

Side note: the Loft necklace is a $5.20 score from St. Vincent de Paul in Albuquerque.

In case you haven’t heard, NEON is on trend for Fall 2019. I thought this sleeveless mock neck would make for a good layering piece and be an inexpensive way to rock the trend.

I wore it with another pair of $16.94 Walmart paper bag waist pants that I purchased but then realized that they are not that flattering but ‘oh well’.

I also took the opportunity to wear this Jessica Moore $6.28 white backpack.

Although I wear my white denim a TON during the Fall, for some reason, I feel awkward with a white handbag.

Do you carry a white handbag in the Fall?

Hey, I’m just excited that I switched out my handbag for a change. 😉


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  1. I LOVE that top! I’m definitely going to have to hunt it down next time I’m in Wal-Mart. There are gems to be found there – you just have to do a bit of looking sometimes. And that necklace was definitely a score – beautiful! I really like your backpack. It wouldn’t stay white for very long with me, though 🙁 I’m always hesitant to wear white in the fall and winter (except on top or sneakers) and I used to change a white purse I had over and not carry it during the winter. I think it was drummed into us for so long :/ I’ll bet those cropped pants would look cute with some “tall” black boots and a white, long-sleeved turtleneck or maybe in the summer with some wedges. I think I don’t love them so much with slides, though. I think some cropped jeans that aren’t too wide-legged would be just beautiful with this look. The backpack and slides are such current trends and the wide-leg pants are a more “romantic” or “feminine” look maybe? Great post and I love that you share pix even when you don’t think something looks right about them – it keeps it real!


    1. You’re right! I should have styled them with wedges. The brand of the top is No Boundaries and comes in tons of colors including snake print. I’ll definitely give these black pants another try.

  2. I just love that you changed your purse Darlene!! And the white it perfect all year long. We wear our white jeans, right?? And this adds a little lightness to the outfit!!
    I still haven’t gotten any neon…I’ll have to look for it next time I’m thrifting

  3. No, white purse Still old fashioned Midwest Do use a black summer purse though

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  4. I like the neon top. (Thanks for the fashion tip regarding neon colors.) The necklace is beautiful. I happen to find you wearing ‘paper bag waist’ pants very appealing. But if you are going to wear cropped wide leg pants — then you need to wear a fitted waist. Remember the bottoms you modeled (that matched a top I wore for EVA TRENDS)? They looked great on you because even though they were cropped and wide leg — they had an elasticized fitted waist. I wear white all year in tops and sneakers. Ivory is a nice alternative too.

    Dee xoxo

  5. I don’t have a white purse but I keep looking at them. I’m afraid it would get really dirty the way I throw my bags around. Maybe I need to step out of my box. Will have to scope out Walmart too. I’m there at least once a week getting groceries.

  6. The outfit looks great, but those black slides are throwing it off. Switch out to a nice pair of wedges and it will be perfect!

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