I Got Smart

That’s right folks! After suffering with too tight pants while eating at the buffet, I got smart…

and wore stretchy pants!

And you thought I was going to say that I stopped eating at the buffet. HAH!!

Actually, we are doing an experiment to see if we save more money by eating out vs. grocery shopping. Actually, so far eating out is proving to be the cheaper option.

So, for our most recent trip to the buffet (Buy one get one free) I wore this SUPER comfortable (but probably not the most flattering, but that didn’t stop me from buying it in black too) pair of paper bag waist pants from Walmart.

I really like the feel of these pants and was going to give them super high marks and totally recommend them to all of you, but then I washed them.

The material now has almost a ‘pilling’ all over it and the pants look as if I only spent $16.94 on them. #TheActualCost

Needless to say, when I wash the black ones, I will NOT throw them in the dryer.

Plus, as you can see, they wrinkled really easily. The material is 100% LYOCELL.

Anyone know what that is???



Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

6 thoughts

  1. I had to laugh at your title. Now you need to do a blog post with that experiment. LOL!!
    I like the pants, but I need to be better about washing things correctly. I’m terrible and throw everything in the dryer. Even Rob complains that I shrink his shirts (not that he’s willing to do the wash…ha ha)

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  2. Wikipedia says it’s a type of rayon. Developed further as Tencel. Made from bleached wood pulp. I’ve had some things out of it. I like it. So what if it wrinkles a bit? Of course I say that but then I’m the first one to scrunch up the material in the store to see if it wrinkles. Super cute outfit!!!

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    1. Thanks for the info Dawn!!!! The wood pulp explains the texture on the pants after I washed/dried them.
      The only reason I was upset about the wrinkles was because, for once, I took the time to steam the pants before I wore them. 🤪🤣


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