Madewell Dupe

If you saw my post on Friday, you know that I have jumped on the ‘dupe’ bandwagon. Thanks to an account called daisy_dupes on Instagram, I was able to secure this Madewell dupe from Walmart!

Oh my gosh, I’m really digging this shirt! FYI, at my local Walmart, the cost was only $14.98

I styled up the shirt with a vintage Alexis Kirk necklace that I scored at an estate sale for $3.00 along with this Noonday bag that was $1.99 from Savers.

Here’s a close up of my $3.00 Alexis Kirk necklace.

Check out the price of this similar Alexis Kirk necklace I found selling on the internet.

Isn’t that crazy?!

The shoes are also a recent Walmart find and I LOVE the style of them BUT…they were SO uncomfortable! They were pretty pricey too, costing me $24.98. They are my normal size but are actually too big. I wore them with some peds (is that what those nylon no show socks are called)? I’m going to try the shoes again with either no socks or thicker socks to see if that helps.

I actually ended up stopping back home, just so I could change my shoes! I wanted to change my mysteriously too tight jeans also, but didn’t have time.

The quality of this shirt is really nice. I have already washed it and let it air dry as opposed to throwing it in the dryer.

It also comes in cream (which I also bought) and Chambray, which I was surprised that I didn’t like on me.

Confession: I might have unbuttoned my pants because I was THAT miserable…

as I stuff another cookie in my mouth.

Is that TMI?




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8 thoughts

  1. Darlene, I am thinking what I love about you the most is your ability to laugh at yourself.

    As for your outfit — SPOT ON!!
    From the distressed jeans to that really cute top! The jewelry is perfect and that wild and crazy purse fits into your look as if you bought the entire outfit in one place.

    Dee xoxo

  2. Love, love, love the outfit. With both shoes, but it’s annoying when you buy shoes that don’t feel comfortable…been there…a lot!!
    So how’d you know the necklace was this brand from the estate sale?? You get such great deals, but I never know who makes things.

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