I Fought for This One

Last week I hit up my local Goodwill and got into a fight over this top.

Okay, the fight wasn’t with a person, it was with the hanger that this top was attached to. I really don’t like when the clothes are so crammed on the rack that you can’t see what is there.

But, when I spied this Papermoon brand top. I just KNEW I had to have it!

I love the color, the flowers, the cut and ESPECIALLY the price!

Only $2.69!

Would you have fought for this top?


Author: style4lessvegas

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12 thoughts

  1. If it had been in MY SIZE — you betcha. Of course because of my upper arm ‘baggage’… I would have placed the top underneath a loose long sleeve white overblouse for a flowing look. This (red background) top is a winner when placed against white. You were wise to take time to pull the top out from the rack. I do this ALL THE TIME and some of my best thrift purchases were discovered in this manner. You look fab!!

    Dee xoxo

  2. It drives me nuts when the clothes are so crammed! It’s a fighting battle to get through them, and I am seriously hot and sweaty by the time I am done😂😂😂. Great blouse and super outfit on you!!

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