I Fought for This One

Last week I hit up my local Goodwill and got into a fight over this top.

Okay, the fight wasn’t with a person, it was with the hanger that this top was attached to. I really don’t like when the clothes are so crammed on the rack that you can’t see what is there.

But, when I spied this Papermoon brand top. I just KNEW I had to have it!

I love the color, the flowers, the cut and ESPECIALLY the price!

Only $2.69!

Would you have fought for this top?


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

12 thoughts

  1. If it had been in MY SIZE — you betcha. Of course because of my upper arm ‘baggage’… I would have placed the top underneath a loose long sleeve white overblouse for a flowing look. This (red background) top is a winner when placed against white. You were wise to take time to pull the top out from the rack. I do this ALL THE TIME and some of my best thrift purchases were discovered in this manner. You look fab!!

    Dee xoxo

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  2. It drives me nuts when the clothes are so crammed! It’s a fighting battle to get through them, and I am seriously hot and sweaty by the time I am done😂😂😂. Great blouse and super outfit on you!!

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