What I’ve Been Wearing

Happy Friday!!

Today I’m sharing allllll the looks I’ve been wearing (because I want to post the rest of the photos on my phone, so I can be up to date.) After all Fall is officially here!

Some are hits, some are misses, but this is real life.

Here goes.

This was the summer of the Walmart dress.

This striped one was on sale for $5.00

The black one was full price at around $10. Of course, I like it better because it’s way more versatile.

Check out the two ways I wore it.

First, the ‘dressy’ version.

What do you think of that teak wood necklace? I scored it for $5.00 from the ALLV.

Then I went in the total opposite direction and styled it very ‘Mother Earth’.

I had to dish out some dollar bills for those shoes when I was in ABQ. My feet were hurting so…

That leopard scarf is a 33 cents estate sale find. I actually like how this look turned out. I was SUPER comfortable in it.

This next look is a miss.

I SO wanted to love these $4.40 NYDJ denim crop pants with the cute neon green detail. But as you can tell, the length is just all wrong. I’ve worn these twice now and well, I give up.

I’m on the fence about this next look, but really, I must not like it because I’ve already donated it back to Savers.

I tried three different ways to style up this $4.85 Free People shirt. Look 3 is how I ended up wearing it. #thankskenna 😍 It was just too much fabric. That, along with the fact that I discovered two small holes in the back, helped me make my decision.

This next look has ‘preppy’ written all over it.

I actually really like these $3.24 navy blue Charter Club pants. They are SUPER comfortable. Not sure how I feel about my styling. I think I can do better. I’ll share these pants again.

This last and final look makes me laugh. When I asked my husband what it reminded him of he said “A maternity top?”

I just laughed and said “NO! It looks like hospital scrubs to me!” LOL

Anyhow, I was on a quest to find ‘fat friendly’ tops and this Asian brand Hawaiian top came across my path for just $3.05.

I really liked the detail of the pattern and buttons, PLUS the fact that it’s linen (I think).

Should I keep it or donate it back? Let me know.

Also, let me know what YOU think are the hits and misses.

#BeKind 🥰


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12 thoughts

  1. I had my favorites on this one…….The black dress!! The Asian brand Hawaiian top. THE NECKLACE!!!!!
    OMG! Girl, you are on a roll lately. I am inspired to do another write-up on my FB page on you.

    Hugs, Dee

  2. Seriously that necklace is the perfect piece with that dress!! It’s such a focal point. Heck, you could be wearing a potato sack with it and everyone would notice the necklace only!!
    As for the last top…the print and fabric is wonderful. It just looks a little boxy…my mom would tell you to take it in a tidge on the sides.

  3. Love, love, love the dresses and the necklace and the scarf but I really love that bag with the rainbow stripes and the wooden handle. Where did you score that?
    What brand are those sandals you got in ALB? So cute!

  4. Those swing dresses were such bargains! I really like the white top you returned, but that linen top at the end is my favourite – definitely a keeper I think!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend 🙂

  5. My favorite is your dressy version of the Walmart black dress, hands down! The necklace, the shoes, the bag! So good! I don’t think the Hawaiian shirt is so bad. I have a compulsion to tuck/half-tuck everything! I’m envisioning a flowy midi skirt, and heels in contrasting colors. Like peacock green and orange! Ooo or a blush skirt! The top just feels organic, natural, raw to me. It’s great that you can just let go off pieces you don’t love! I’m doing a 10×10 challenge right now to help with those items I’m not sure if I like. And hooray for cheap Walmart basics! I’m on a tight budget and some of their stuff holds up surprisingly well! Anyway, I’m enjoying you’re blog.❤

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