I Bought Target Tees at the Thrift

If you have ever thrifted with me, you know that I always say never to buy Target and Walmart at the thrift. Why? Because it’s cheap enough new. Plus, I like to thrift expensive, unique items, but that’s just me…and you…if you are thrifting with me…am I right???

Well, I broke my own rule when I was in ABQ. I came across not one but TWO brand spanking new (one which is still selling IN TARGET) tee shirts for the low, low cost of just $2.59.

Up first is this striped Universal Threads tee. I’ve purchased several of these this summer and the lowest I’ve paid at Target is $6.00.

Look at me! I’m actually OUT somewhere! Any guesses???

The second tee is very French. 😉

What?! I’m actually out and about AGAIN? Do you know where I am?

Also, I’m really getting my money’s worth out of this Walmart camouflage skirt. It goes with EVERYTHING!


Author: style4lessvegas

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  1. Yard house for the one photos (I saw the name on the door)…but I LOVE that striped top with the camo skirt. Yay for print mixing.
    And it’s good to break the rules…especially when the tops are new.

  2. Awesome deal! I would have gotten them too. I like your camo skirt. I haven’t found any camo that I look good in. I like it on everyone else but on me, it looks like I’m going hunting. Must be all those years growing up and living in the mountains. lol

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