A Couple Pairs of Shorts

Today I’m sharing two pairs of shorts from Savers end of summer clearance sale.

I really liked both pairs…

Just not on me. LOL

Up first are these NWT Caslon shorts (sold at Nordstrom). The cost? $4.27.

I REALLY like this pattern and of course the colors, but the length was just a tad too long and if I’m being honest, the fit was too tight. I styled them pretty basic with just a little bit of zhuzh. I wore this to a friend’s house for a casual dinner.

These next shorts (NY&CO linen shorts for $1.42) are the complete opposite.

I had to crop most of the shorts out of the photo. These were a tad too short. The fit was comfortable but how I felt in them was very UN-comfortable.

BUT, I did really love the necklace and the bracelet I paired with it!

Both were scored during my recent thrift trip to ABQ. I paid full price ($9.00) for this Chico’s necklace at the Assistance League of ABQ and the (Made in Indonesia) wood clasp bracelet was a GW find for $2.24. I’ve been wearing the bracelet a lot.

I seriously doubt that I will wear either of these shorts again.

It looks like I need to start selling on Poshmark…


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

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