A Couple of Tees

During National Thrift Shop Day back in August, I decided to hit up Savers 99 cents tee shirt sale. Now, tee shirts are one of the things I never look at when thrifting. I find that they are usually pretty worn looking, but I actually managed to find seven tees that looked good. Today, I’m showing you two.

Up first, from the MEN’S section…

Isn’t the back FUN? I love the color too. I liked it paired with the white shorts.

Up next, from the LADIE’S section is this striped US POLO tee.

I LOVE that pop of orange!

Can we take a moment to discuss the pricing between these tees? The men’s tee retails at only $1.49, so really 99 cents is not that big of a savings. The ladies tee? Regular price was $5.49! Why is that?


Okay, I’m done with my rant. 🤪

I’ve really been enjoying the casual vibe of the whole tee and sneaker look. It’s been my go-to all summer long.

What’s your go-to look?


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6 thoughts

  1. Nice pairings of tee-shirts and shorts.

    My ‘go-to’ look are caftans paired with (pedicured) bare feet!! JUST KIDDING!
    I’m into kimonas big time. They afford me cover for my expanding torso and at the same time they add drama and style to most of my outfits — from casual to dress up!!

    Dee XOXO

  2. Yes but men’s shoes make up for that price difference. I can never get as good of deals on his as I do mine.
    Love both tees, although the stripes are super fun front and back!!

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