You Chose the Shoes

About a month ago, I did a poll on Instagram, asking which shoe I should wear with my OOTD.

Here was that photo.

Now, the one on the left is a recent purchase that I have yet to wear. Believe it or not, this shoe is THE hardest shoe I have ever tried to style. Who knows if I will ever wear it. Thank goodness it was WAY cheap.

With that being said, I’m sure you’ve already figured out the winning shoe was the ‘right’ one.

I totally agree with everyone on their shoe pick. It goes perfect with my OOTD.

The thrifted item in my look is this NY&CO colorful tunic…which I LOVE!

Can you believe it only cost me $3.89?!

Of course you can! 😉

BUT, can you believe I stepped foot in an actual RETAIL store?! AND it was CHICO’S???

I NEVER go in there. Why? Other than the fact that I find tons of Chico’s at the thrift, the customer service is lacking (to put it nicely).

Anyhoo, I went deep into the back of the store and came up with this necklace.

I love all the colors in it, so I decided to spend the $14.98 for this FINAL SALE item.

Would you have spent the money on it? BTW regular price was $59.50.


No offense though.

Just sayin’.


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  1. Great blouse! Necklace has great colours, but 60$!!! The sale price is tolerable, and poor customer service is why people shop on line😂. Enjoy your way cool outfit😊

  2. That necklace will go with everything. Seriously…just like those other shoes. I need to come scour your closet because I KNOW there are tons of outfits that are screaming for that pair of shoes!!

  3. Most of my wardrobe is thrifted Chico’s. I take my mom into the store occasionally and I agree about their service-they definitely have an undeserved snooty attitude. That being said, I do love the necklace 🤗

  4. That is so funny you said that about Customer Service at Chico’s… I was just in one yesterday and No Customer Service! No hello no thing! The two gals were more concerned about the schedule and someone’s party. Chico’s… if you are reading this… pay attention please. This is the second time it has happened in two different stores.

    Now… this outfit is way tooo Cute! The necklace is darling! And the shoes … perfect!

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