A Couple of Boho Tops

Lately, I’ve been experimenting with the whole boho look. I like that it’s easy, breezy and hides the old mid-section.

Up first is this Lucky brand top that I was kind of excited about.

I was excited about it, until I discovered that a tassel was missing from one of the strings at the front. Consequently, I had to cut off BOTH strings, which left the top a little less cute, IMHO. Thank goodness I only paid $3.30.

Or MAYBE, I just really was not that crazy about it to begin with. Either way, I wore it out and about with some jeans and added this $3.74 thrifted necklace to it.

Up next is an outfit that I liked MUCH better, but I roasted in it…because it was 100 degrees that day. 😬

This DR2 top still had the black tassels intact.

Which is good because I paid $6.74 for this one. That’s pricey, in my book.

I do really like the pattern.

And how it flows over my midsection.

My sister calls these kind of tops ‘fat friendly’ and I’m here for it.


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

4 thoughts

  1. You crack me up Darlene….fat friendly. We just need to give it a funner name….like tummy friendly!! LOL
    I had that happen with a tassel before and even though I know how to make a tassel, I cut them off too!

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  2. I really like the second top. So 1980’s!! I had several tops like this and I wore them (back then) with long patterned skirts and jean shorts. Forget that necklace — I am liking your bracelet!! Ha-Ha

    Dee xoxo

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