An Outfit UNDER $4.00?!

Okay, even I can’t believe it , but when I did the math, my top and skirt (basically my whole outfit) came in UNDER $4.00!

I’ve been into graphic tees lately. Since I’ve actually been to the Philippines (Cebu) I decided to grab this BRAND NEW Pusong Pinoy (Manila) tee. It’s from GW and was $1.79. It actually cost MORE than the skirt.

The skirt is a Savers score. The brand is Fenn Wright Manson and the cost was $1.75. Crazy, huh! I like that it’s marled and that it’s stretchy.

So, with all the money I saved with my outfit, I spent on these really cool DB Shark shoes from BASSO. I was watching a YouTube video and saw the person wearing these so I went on a hunt and found them.

The things I buy when I can’t sleep…😴😳

See the shark face on the back? Pretty cool, huh! They are actually pretty comfortable but a pain to get on because of that ‘sock’ shape. Or maybe it’s just because I’m old. 🤣

Either way, I’m glad I ‘sleep’ purchased them.

Have you ever bought something when you were sleep deprived?


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  1. That’s exactly why I try to stay in bed when I can’t sleep…LOL!!
    The shoes may be hard to get on, but the important question is are they comfy??

  2. This is my type of outfit – a graphic tee and a short skirt or skort. What a deal – unbelievable that you could dress in something that looks so great for less than $4. Of course the shoes put you well over that, but they’re so cute! I love that they have a built-in sock look. You are the queen of bargains, Darlene! And, no, I don’t shop when sleep-deprived. I spend all of my energy trying to go back to sleep, which rarely works. I think your sleep-deprived purchase worked out really well for you, though.


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