Thrift Trip to ABQ

I’m baaa-aack! Did you miss me? I missed all of you!!

I just got back from a trip to Albuquerque, NM where I met up with a girlfriend I hadn’t seen in forever!

What did we do the whole time we were together? THRIFT, of course! So, I thought I would share some of the things we found, along with the thrift stores we visited and my thoughts on each of the stores, just in case you ever get to ABQ and want to know the BEST thrift stores in town.

This trip was about thrifting for my friend, more so than me. I need more clothes, like I need another hole in my head, But I did mange to score a few things…

1-dress 1-purse 11-necklaces 3-bracelets 3-aprons 1-scarf 7-tops and 2-jackets. I scored 30 items for a total cost of $101.92. I actually didn’t think I spent that much money but my receipts say differently, so…

Let’s go thrifting!!

By the way, we hit up a total of 11, yes ELEVEN thrift stores!!

First stop was The Family Thrift Center on Juan Tabo. My very first thrift score EVER was from here.

My girlfriend’s daughter was thrifting too and came across THIS gem.

This find was uh-mazing! Retails new for around $75.00

I managed to score two tops and a tunic that my friend bought but changed her mind and gave to me.

Check it out!

It’s made by Miracle Suit, the expensive swimsuit brand.


Now I just need to lose some weight so that it will fit me better.

Thrift store REVIEW : This store hasn’t changed a bit. Still a TON of treasures to be found here. My friend spent $120.00. Did I mention that this store is CASH ONLY? Wednesday is Senior Day with THREE tags ( instead of two ) at 50% off. They have one aisle labeled their ‘HIGH END DESIGNER’ which rarely goes on sale. My advice? Skip that aisle because the real treasures are found elsewhere in the store and for a LOT less money.

You know what, I don’t want this blog post to go on forever, so let me just share some pics along with the list of stores I recommend. I’ll talk more about the items when I actually wear them. Okay?

I went to Buffalo Exchange with my son and scored this cute little denim jacket.

It looked really good with the black tee and white skirt I was wearing that day.

My son and I also hit up the Goodwill on San Mateo because he had some things to donate.

I scored this dress.

Here’s a picture of all the jewelry I scored, along with a scarf and bag.

There’s turquoise, tiger’s eye and abalone among these items.

The purse is vintage and I love it! It’s a score from the Salvation Army. Lucky us, the entire store was 50% off that day!

I scored these t-shirts at Goodwill. On Mondays the entire store is 25% off, so that is when we went.

Here are some tops from two different stores.

How about this jacket? The brand is 1901 (an in-house brand from Nordstrom.) I got it at GW.

In person the orange is actually a soft peach color.

I was OBSESSED with this $15.00 vintage two piece peignoir set from The Animal Humane Thrift store.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t justify buying it, but I love it.

One of the main items I’m on the hunt for now, are aprons. Why? Because I have my own ‘cooking’ show that I created for my sister’s business.

Here is the first episode.

Send me your family recipes!

Aprons are REALLY hard to find. I only managed to find three.

Check out this vintage label!

I found a LOT of quality clothing at AMAZING prices for my friend. What is your guess of the price she paid for these two items?

Retail cost for each pair is easily $100

I found these at the Goodwill 99 cents store,,,where EVERYTHING is 99 cents except shoes…they are $1.99.

Her total cost?

.99 + .99 = $1.98

She donated the 2 cents so it was really $2.00.

Yes, I’m THAT GOOD at finding treasures at the thrift.

FYI: On Tuesdays and Thursdays this store picks a color tag to be just 49 cents! Unbelievable, I know!

Okay, let’s wrap this up.

Here are the list of thrift stores I recommend you check out when in Albuquerque.

All the Goodwills, especially the GW 99 cents store. FYI : that store is closed on Sunday and Monday.

The Animal Humane thrift store…PAWS thrift store…The Assistance League of ABQ…The Common Good thrift store…The Family Thrift Center

Honorable Mention : The Salvation Army and Thrift Town. Maybe Buffalo Exchange too.

Where is Savers in all of this, you ask? Well, the store was a bit of a mess the day we went. To the point where I took photos and sent it to the District Manager, who I know. The treasures were in ABUNDANCE though, especially if you love dresses from Banana Republic. At this store is where I found the most amazing dress for my friend to wear to an upcoming wedding she is attending in October. The dress retailed new for $100. What did SHE pay? I’m sworn to secrecy, because unlike me, she doesn’t thrift and tell…

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!


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  1. What awesome luck you had thrifting! I’ve found a thrift store that has clothes for $1 which is great, but haven’t found any designer brands there like you did! I did find a bunch of cute clothes though, it’s my favourite shop to browse! 🙂

    Hope that you had a great weekend! I had a fun night out with some Insta friends in Brisbane which was awesome 🙂

  2. Dang girl…you must be exhausted!! But I’m in love with that print mix dress. I can’t wait to see you rock that!!

  3. PS…loved the video….too bad I threw out my aprons!! You need some toaster tongs from pampered chef too!!

  4. WOWZA!! What a great thrift shopping trip for you and your friends. I like all your scores. I will keep an eye out for aprons for your Diles Market Cooking show.

    Dee XOXO

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