Happy Hour Style

Last week we got together with two other couples and went to a Happy Hour. I decided to wear a dress I recently thrifted at Savers.

I have to admit, looking at these photos, it’s NOT the most flattering, but man, is it comfortable…

AND it has POCKETS!! The dress was a tad pricey at $6.62. The ‘shell’ necklace (which Mitch thinks is abalone and quartz) was thrifted the same day. It was $5.30. Why is thrifted jewelry so expensive?

The restaurant we went to was North Italia.

The Happy Hour specials were fantastic…a bottle of wine and a pizza for twenty bucks!

I actually had my first celebrity sighting while we were there. A guy walked by, and all I saw was the back of his head but I still recognized who he was because he has some really CRAZY hair, which he is known for.

Any guesses?


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  1. I’m terrible at that guessing game because I don’t keep up on the famous people…but don’t keep me hanging….
    We just went to happy hour yesterday….that’s the time to get great deals on food!! And easy when you’re retired!!
    Love the dress….I think flattering can be overrated some days. Fun and interesting trumps it!

  2. The print on the dress is pretty, but you are drowning it. It seems way too big on you. I am going to guess “Carrot Head.” Lol😂

  3. It’s a pretty dress. When it’s 120 degrees in the shade ya gotta be comfortable.
    My guess is “ Carrot Top” too.

  4. Carrot TopI have to tell you my storyAbout 3 years ago was with my cousin and her realtor at a restaurant on Town Center off 215We were on the patio and Carrot Top was there with 2 women and a dog, but I did not know what he looked like.I somehow sensed that my table mates were acting strange and I said “am I missing something here”When we were leaving we all chatted about the dog

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  5. I’m not a huge fan of the hi-low dresses with the sides being longer than the front and back. They look good if you’re always in motion or sitting down, but I never feel like I look right in them. One tank top I just got rid of has that same hi front and back and low sides and I put it on and said YUK, so into the giveaway bag it went. On the other hand, comfy is very very important and most of the especially comfy pieces aren’t the most flattering. I think when you’re going out for Italian food and wine, comfort is very important! And I don’t think it looks un-flattering on you – just not your best look since you do have a figure you can show off. I do love the necklace!


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