Basic Gap Skirt

I never would have thought that a basic Gap navy skirt would be SO hard to style!

I think the problem might be that it’s a paper bag waist.

What sold me on it was the price ($3.89) and of course, the POCKETS!

This is actually my second attempt at styling it and this doesn’t look that great either.

It’s definitely being donated back, unless you all can give me some styling suggestions.



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  1. What don’t you love about this look my friend?? I think it’s fabulous especially with the leopard belt. I do think you need something tucked in or tied right at the waist. Maybe a graphic tee??
    But heck, you could put a flowy kimono over this too as long as the under top was more fitted!!

  2. Have you tried it with a sleeveless chambray shirt with collars? Or a sleeveless collared linen shirt in the same color as the shirt? I feel that with the animal print belt that you are already wearing will look awesome. Oh, and red flats.

    1. Thanks for the styling suggestions! I do like the idea of the chambray shirt. Do you know that I STILL don’t own red shoes? I can’t seem to find a color red that I like…

  3. Perhaps a tank or lightweight top without texture might cause you to change your mind. The skirt looks great on you, and the way you have styled it looks quite nice!

  4. If I were to change it up, but keep it simple, I would put a basic white tank top with a red belt, the beige shoes you have on are perfect. To dress it up, I would pair the skirt with a pretty, floral, dressier tank top that has that shade of blue in it like the skirt, add a nice pair of beige wedges, simple white belt, and a fun pair of statement earrings and a beaded bracelet. Keep the skirt and just have fun with it!🙂

      1. That’s a very sweet! My daughter and I thrift all the time here in Canada. It’s just so much fun!!!🤗

  5. I have no problem with that look, Darlene. If it were me, I’d go with a patterned T-shirt (there’s one on my Vitamin Sea post that I’m in love with) and sneakers (not the Dad ones, though. Pretty much any other type). And I might try to find a tie belt in the same color as the skirt. Or I bet it would look a little dressier with a high-neck top in white (sleeveless….almost a halter look but not…not sure if it’s a cami or a tank but I also linked this one in my Vitamin Sea post and it’s a top I actually have and love) and some dressy sandals (maybe even a little bit of a wedge). I’m getting rid of a skirt like this. I like it but it just doesn’t feel right on and it doesn’t make me love it. Good luck with the hunt – it’s a really nice skirt!


    1. Thanks Ruth! But like you, this skirt just didn’t feel right on and it doesn’t make me love it. And I’m really surprised because it’s just a basic skirt. Sigh…

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