Crochet Kimono

I love that I can find the latest trends at the thrift store. Take this crochet kimono for example.

This item is totally on trend! In fact, it hits TWO trends…crochet and kimonos. Now, at $58, I would never have tried this.

BUT for $3.90, I was totally willing to give it a go! #ThankYouSavers

I like how it covers my arms but I still stay cool because it’s crochet. I paired it with a $3 clearance tank (Walmart) Alex denim skirt $18 (Walmart) and my fave $8.44 mustard sandals (Walmart).

I wasn’t sure how I felt about this.

It’s not my usual style and I felt it was a little ‘costume-y.’

I for sure thought it would be a one and done item but…

I don’t hate it. So for now, it’s a keeper.

Would love to hear how YOU would style it!


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  1. I really like it. It might seem more cohesive with a solid top under it because of the holes in it. I’m surprised you didn’t wear it over a column of black (I know you well…ha ha)
    So what brand is it??

  2. I am with Jodie as to pairing it with a black tank, etc. I lo
    ve kimonas and my own wardrobe has an increasing number of them. I would love for you to feature it again with a black shell and black cropped pants. A pair of crochet (sand colored) sandals would rock this look.
    Dee xoxo

  3. I have a couple kimonos and I really like them but I get what u mean, there’s that fine line between stylish and theatrical. I think I worry about it too much. I like kimonos for the summer and u can dress them up or down. I agree wearing them over one color or jeans and a solid color shirt for dressier. I think you can do a lot with it and it’s cute on you.

    1. Thanks Dawn! It’s definitely worth trying to style it again. I’m going to take everyone’s suggestions and maybe look on Pinterest too… Which I probably should have done in the first place. πŸ™„πŸ€£

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