Photography Class

Recently, my husband and I took another FREE photography class at the Apple Store. It was called ‘Disrupting the Portrait’.

Basically, you shot ‘through’ things to make for a really cool photo. Once again, my husband was SUPER creative. Me, not so much.

So today features all the photos from that session. I chose to wear another $12.44 romper from Walmart.

Because it’s black, it can totally go casual OR dressy, depending on how you style it. You can see how I styled the gray one HERE.

Check out some interesting shots of the (thrifted from a long time ago) necklace.

Oh! I just noticed Mitch’s reflection in the above photo! Can you see him?

I was hoping this class would give me some insight into making my thick glasses look better in photos.

Shot in black and white, it’s not too bad, but still. #Meh

Mitch took my reflection and made it look really cool in this next photo.

Even the man teaching the class was impressed!

Of course, I still needed some ‘basic’ shots for the blog, so you could admire my outfit. 😉

Last, but certainly not least, the photos that he shot using techniques we learned at the class.

Aren’t they cool?!


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  1. You guys are so good to take these classes. Maybe we will look up some after we move.
    And that necklace?? OMG!! I love it.

  2. That necklace is amazing!

    And those photos are amazing… I may look into those classes as well… when I get back to AZ!

    You look great in that Romper!

  3. WOW!! Totally awesome!! You look wonderful and I love the black romper. The necklace is to die for.
    Girlfriend, you are my pride and joy.

    Hugs, Dee XOXO

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