Terry Cloth Top

Happy Friday!

Today’s look is not that exciting, but MAN, is it ever comfortable!

Well, the terry cloth top is. I SQUEEZED myself into my shorts. 🙄

Sandals from Ross $15.99

I found this GAP top at the thrift for only $3.72! It was brand new with the $34.95 price tag on it.

It’s not my usual color scheme (blue and baby pink) but I really liked how soft it was .

And I liked the back detail of it…

until I saw the photo! I had to crop it so you wouldn’t get scared off. I also loosened up the strings so that it would cover more of my body. LOL

On a side note : these shoes rubbed a blister on the top of my toe.

Man, I can’t win for losing! Hahaha

Have a great weekend!


Author: style4lessvegas

Fashion and Beauty on a Budget

12 thoughts

  1. I love that top…I didn’t even realize it had pink in it until you showed it up close.
    I think I’ll be getting a lot more shorts once we move to AZ…

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  2. Return the shoes…need a receipt though for Ross who has the worst customer service I shop there very little any more because of it.

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