Reversible Skirt

Besides dresses, I have been on the hunt for summer skirts at the thrift. I was super stoked when I came across this Iris Impressions reversible skirt for just $3.38 at Savers.

Up first is the more mustard/green side.

I paired it with a mustard tee from Target ($6.00) a thrifted necklace ($2.50) and my Walmart mustard slides ($8.44)

I felt very hippy-chic in this look. It was super comfortable, but I was out of my comfort zone because this is not my style.

Up next is the more teal/red side.

I paired it with a Target red tank top ($6.00) and an ‘on-trend’ NWT teal blue beaded bag ($1.32).

I felt that this look was dressier and closer to my style BUT I was not as comfortable in it, as the first way I styled it.

I wish I had a red t-shirt instead of a tank top because unfortunately, I have reached that dreaded stage in life, where my arms need covered up.


But guess what!?! I DON’T CARE! It is entirely TOO hot here in Vegas NOT to wear sleeveless tops so THERE! LOL

Which look is YOUR favorite?


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  1. Both look absolutely fabulous. And don’t let buy into the mentality that you can’t wear something because of age. You rock it

  2. I love both ways you styled that reversible skirt, which I think is so cool! I never knew reversible skirts even existed. The necklaces compliment the outfits perfectly. Your arms look great, so keep on rocking those sleeveless tops!

  3. Favorite?? You can’t pick a favorite because they are both wonderful!!
    And finding something reversible is so my mom’s favorite things!! SO perfect for traveling!!

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