Happy Monday!

I am BACK with another Walmart gem…


It’s cute, it’s comfy and at only $12.44, it’s super affordable!

It’s got a low scoop neck in the back.

Nike shoes from the boy’s section at Nordstrom Rack. $39.95

I paired it with my fave set of beaded bracelets and my circle bag that I no longer regret buying. LOL

The next time you are at Walmart, check out their Time and Tru section and score yourself one or two of these.

I did. 😉


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  1. I just love a romper now that I ventured into the trend. And they are a tad easier to go to the bathroom in than jumpsuits…I just pull the legs over so I don’t have to take it down….(TMI..I know)
    This is great on you Darlene,

  2. Love the romper — it looks so cool and comfy. I made a visit to a
    WalMart on Saturday for some underwear purchases (very inexpensive) and while there I wandered over to the sleepwear section and found a couple of inexpensive jersey tee shirts that I am using as nightgowns.

    Dee XOXO

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