I Went to an Event

Recently, I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and attended a blogger event here in Vegas.

You would probably never guess it but I am VERY uncomfortable walking into a place by myself. So much so, that I have never attended any events before this day.

I think it’s two reasons.

One : I’m super insecure. Yeah, my insecurities have prevented me from accomplishing a lot of things, but I’m trying to work on that. Going someplace I’ve never been with people I don’t know? That’s SCARY!

Two : My poor eyesight. Seriously, I can’t see two feet in front of me. So if you’re asking me to walk into a venue and look for someone? That ain’t happening!

But recently, I sucked it up, put on my finest thrift fashion and walked through that door into a room full of people I didn’t know and had the best time!

Here’s what I wore.

This Mod Cloth skirt has been sitting in my closet for probably six months now. This brand is pretty pricey (average $50-$70 for a skirt).

I scored it for $2.99.

Did you notice the POCKETS?!!

One of the reasons I haven’t worn it before is because I didn’t have the right top.

Until now…

I scored this Scott Taylor silk blend top for only $4.24.

FYI : Orange is my favorite color but doesn’t look good on me. This shade of orange though? It does!

With all the money I save on clothing, I’m able to spend more on my shoes. These cute espadrilles were on clearance at the Steve Madden store. They were around $35.00

It was SO nice hanging with other like minded women ( business owners, bloggers and entrepreneurs )who are there to support each other.

Of course, I was the oldest one there. LOL

I’m so happy and proud of myself that I stepped out of my comfort zone.

What is holding YOU back?

Take that first step!!!!!


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  1. Love the whole ensemble and the shoes! Things have been difficult lately, and reading your blog this morning gave me the push I need, and has me thinking. Way to be confident in yourself. You rock girl!!! Thank you!🤗

  2. Your outfit was perfect!!
    Thank you for being so open and revealing a part of yourself that has up to this time — been personal.
    It takes character. It also takes courage. You have both!

    Dee xoxo

  3. I Do not get me on the subject of women that will not go to a movie or restaurant by themselves. Its old fashion thinking!

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  4. Love that outfit. You definitely rocked it. Congratulations on taking such a large step. People don’t understand how hard it is to be a introvert sometimes.

    1. Thanks Janis! I wouldn’t say I was an introvert, just insecure. Of course, had these other women not have been so welcoming, I probably would have sat in a corner and not said anything. So… Maybe I’m a little bit introverted.

  5. I would never believe that you are an introvert! You are so talented, and you appearance is always superb.
    Kepp up the good work.

  6. Good for you for going, Darlene!! I don’t love going to these things alone, yet it’s always worth it!!
    This skirt is amazing!!

  7. Nice outfit and great job going to the event! I can relate to those feelings for sure-been there many a time. Thanks for sharing. That takes a lot of courage. You’re awesome!

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