Two of a Kind

I don’t know about you, but when I find an article of clothing that I like, I tend to buy it in several colors.

Now usually, when thrifting, I don’t find two of a kind. But recently, I have been seeing two and three of the same shirts, just in different colors.

What’s funny about my recent scores? I scored the same shirt, in different patterns, two weeks apart!

Up first, was this kinda sorta tie-dye knit top.

It didn’t have a tag, but the quality felt really nice, so for $3.49, I bought it.

I decided to pair it with a recent purchase from Loft, these $20 white shorts and some new $14.99 sandals from Target. These sandals happen to be a dupe for a pair currently being sold at Anthropologie for WAY more money.

Oh! Did you happen to notice that I’m carrying my circle bag again? Remember how much I disliked it the very first time I carried it? Well, my opinion has changed! I might just get my money’s worth out of it. 😉

Up next, the same shirt ($3.49) but the tag was in it. The brand is Rafaella Sport and I believe you can find it at Stein Mart. I saw this brand top selling for around $20 on their site.

I happened to wear this outfit to go visit my MIL…

and she gave it her Seal of Approval! Whew!

Do you have a preference of one pattern over the other? Do tell!


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6 thoughts

  1. I adore both prints because they AREN’T black…ha ha!!
    And I love that you are enjoying the circle purse. Good for you for trying it out again. I think sometimes that’s the best suggestion for something you don’t think you love.

  2. Very nice and summer oriented!
    I am truly enjoying how you are interjecting new pieces of clothing with second-hand pieces. I have always gone this route. I am apt to buy my swimsuits, shoes, and white articles of clothing — new. But all the rest can be found at great prices in thrift outlets.

    Hugs, Dee xoxo

  3. I like the pink top on you the best. The color brings out your skin coloring add in rosy touch. The blue yellows you out a little. But the cut of the top, love the neckline, suits your figure nicely.

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